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Over the last decades, marketing online has evolved and fine-tuned incredibly. Multiple branches are available depending on what your end game objective is. With such choice, we need to decide what is right for your business. 

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You need to provide clear vision to any of your cusotmers approaching you. Your brand and solutions will leave a lasting impression.

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Is a website more important than social media?

Depending on what you are offering your customers you may need one, both or none! Your business objectives need to have a defined ROI to see which is effective for your business. 

Our business has worked without social media, why start now?

There is a correct analyze in this approach. They are many successful businesses which following traditional models have achieved a healthy growing business. What social media provides is untapped communication to potential customers you are not ripping.

We are not in a position to manage an e-commerce side to our business

Some business have the infrustrature to rearrange their resources and manage it themselves. Other business can even outsource. This would be discussed in the options for your business strategy. 

Is Digital Marketing only good for large companies?

Contrary to common misconceptions, good defined digital marketing campaigns can actually help a business expand at a much larger rate than traditional models. Youre customers base is hidden in data that needs to be tapped into.